Latest News about my debut novel ‘Long Lost Song’ (guest post by Stephen Ormsby)

Long Lost Song cover

It is finally done. The cover is set and I like it. Heck, I absolutely love it. Marieke has done an amazing job in visually my bad hand scribbles to come up with something stunning that I think everybody else will find as amazing as I do.

Would you like to have a look at my book cover? I would love to show it off for you, so without further delay, here it is:

Long Lost Song book cover

I am hoping that within a couple of weeks I can tell you all to go out there and buy it! Demand your local bookstore to carry it or download it.

This is very exciting! It has been a long time since I’ve shown my writing to anybody and to have the whole world able to look at it is mind blowing.  I think this book is a great one that says a lot about our world as it is.  I hope we do not get to this point though!

I have had great feedback from my beta readers to the point of them asking for more before I had even written it.  They have loved it and I know you will too. If you would like it autographed let me know. I might get some for myself to offer for sale already signed. Who knows this may be the first in many books that I will publish. There’s enough ideas running around in my head, I know that.

To those who have helped me along the way, I would like to send you my most sincerest thank you’s. People from all parts of the world have been there for me. Here’s a few: John Abramowitz, Kirkus McGowan, Jennifer McBride – all great writers on their own – and of course my wife Marieke and from both sets of parents. These last few have seen me through so much in the last few years and I am so glad for it.
Thank you all.

Stephen Ormsby

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