Five worst mistakes first time authors can make…

Give yourself the respect as an author that your readers deserve. When you take the time to take yourself seriously and really want the best from your story, it will make all the difference in the quality and quantity of readership you will gain.

See if you are making any of these five worst mistakes first time authors can make…

  1. Unidentified readership…
    “…novel is for readers 8 to 80 years old…”
    “Women like it, but also men like to read what I’ve written”
    “The story mostly is about the children characters, but my older friends enjoy it too.”
  2. Talking about themselves, not the story
    “I’m really fantastic at bringing an amazing story to life”
    “Have you seen all the awards my novels have got?”
  3. Not engaging with their audience
    “My book is available”
  4. Putting together their own cover / or getting their friend to do it
    No comment…
  5. Unedited posts, or story in general


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