Five tips – Make your book sell!

Helping authors get the exposure to the right audiences who are willing to pay the right price for their work.

  • Who is MY audience?
  • What do I feel I’m worth?
  • What do I want to feel about my work / project?

Have you ever gotten your finished book to the publisher and then thought,
“Yes, now everyone will read my book!”
Only to find that it only sells a handful of copies, very slowly, and your well-meaning friends have still not even read it yet to tell you what they thought.

Writing your book is not the only thing to consider when wanting your voice heard.

Image courtesy of Ben White – Unsplash
  1. “Have I tried a test audience to see if my assumptions have been correct?”
  2. “Do I know what images / covers my audience typically chooses to pick up when they want to read a book like mine?”
  3. “Have I considered which other authors my writing may be like? What genre?”
  4. “How much money am I personally willing to put into my project to see it succeed?”
  5. “What does success look like to me?” a- 100 books sold? b- total world saturation? c- a handful of fans letting me know they love my book?

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you may like to get one on one with me, to work through some other publishing / book sales problems, like…

  1. “How do I reach readers?”
  2. “How do I know they will buy my book?”
  3. “What would make it easier for them to buy MY book?”
  4. “How do I find out that is has sold, and how many copies?”

I'm curious about your thoughts, pop your two cents here...

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