5 tips for book covers that will have people buying your novel!


  1. Make sure you know who your readership will be (genre / age)
  2. What your readership currently chooses (author / style)
  3. Write a blurb for your book. (150-300 words)
  4. Quotes from noted authors in your genre. (or magazine / website of influence)
  5. A scene (excerpt) you think makes a big impact / meaningful imagery about your novel.

brainstorming chatIf you are in doubt about any of these things, a good editor can help you decide some of these things, or having a good brainstorming session with someone who has also read your manuscript will be immensely helpful, if they can give you some good pointers on what you need for each of these steps.

Latest News about my debut novel ‘Long Lost Song’ (guest post by Stephen Ormsby)

Long Lost Song cover

It is finally done. The cover is set and I like it. Heck, I absolutely love it. Marieke has done an amazing job in visually my bad hand scribbles to come up with something stunning that I think everybody else will find as amazing as I do.

Would you like to have a look at my book cover? I would love to show it off for you, so without further delay, here it is: Read more